Networking Jobs

What is a Network?

Before I go deeper into the different Networking Jobs you need to know the basics what a Network entails.

What do you think about when you here the terms Networking concepts? (Think about your social network and how do you communicate with this social network).

If we now take a look at an IT Network the concept is largely the same.

A LAN is your Local Area Network: This can be your home network or your small office network where every device is connected to each other via WIFI or Cable or both.

A WAN is a Wide Area Network that connects each LAN and makes sure that communication is possible between each LAN.

(The connection in between LAN’s is provided by your ISP or in other words your internet provider)

Computer networks allow users to share and communicate resources. Can you imagine a world without emails, online newspapers, blogs, websites and the other services that the Internet provides? Networks also allow users to share resources such as printers, applications, files, folders, and storage drives.

Example of a small Network

Now we are going to dissect what we see on this image
– We see 3 computers connected to a switch on the left side and 3 computers connected to a switch on the right side
– These switches are both connected to a different Router
– The routers are connected to each other
If you configure your PC’s, switches and routers correctly they are able to communicate back and forth.

What is a switch?

A switch is a device for making multiple connections from one connection, without losing speed.

There are different types of switches, such as managed and unmanaged. The difference is in the presence of options for managing the network in the device. A managed switch is equipped with software that can be used to control the management.

The switch is connected to the router that will lead us outside.

What is a router?

With a router you can connect multiple computer networks, this ensures that there is also communication between these different networks.

Now that we know the basics of what is in a Network we are going to look deeper into the different jobs you can do in this field

Network administrator

As a network administrator you are the one responsible for managing a Network in a company. It is a pretty varied but challenging job.

Here are some of the skillsets needed for the job

  • Install, configure, and maintain network hardware and software such as routers, firewalls, and switches
  • Protect networks from unauthorized users through physical and technical means
  • Set up and maintain virtual private networks (VPN) 
  • Resolve network connectivity issues for other employees
  • Maintain and troubleshoot storage networks

Security Engineer

I think everyone knows security these days is very important. Data is money. Keeping a network secure is a job on it’s own. That is what a security Engineer is all about. It’s your job to prevent data gets stolen by hackers/thiefs.

As a Security Engineer you are involved in the implementation of Security monitoring, next-gen firewalls and, for example, setting up a threat intelligence platform. You are a specialist in delivering innovative security solutions. You use the latest technologies and your own creativity.

You are responsible for the correct installation and operation of security solutions in both the cloud and on-premise area.

Some of the tasks you encounter on a daily basis are:

  • Analyzing and solving security incidents
  • Investigate qualitative security solutions
  • Advising on security issues
  • Implement improvements regarding. Information security
  • Penetration testing on technical infrastructure