Spring & Spring Boot: An Introduction to the Most Popular Java Framework for Building Enterprise Applications

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Ready to take your Java skills to the next level? Welcome to “Spring & Spring Boot Mastery.” Building on the strong foundation laid by our “Java Advanced” and Java Enterprise courses, this e-learning journey will transform you into a Spring and Spring Boot expert.


  • Delve deep into the Spring Core Container, where you’ll master concepts like Dependency Injection (DI), Inversion of Control (IoC), and the magic of Beans.
  • Unlock the power of Spring annotations such as @Bean, @Component, @ComponentScan, and @Autowired, simplifying your code and turbocharging your development.
  • Learn to customise your applications with Spring Profiles and properties files. Adapt your app effortlessly to different environments and configurations.
  • Become a pro at handling events in your applications. Discover the flexibility and responsiveness that Spring brings to event-driven programming.
  • Conquer integration testing with Spring and JUnit. Ensure your applications perform flawlessly and are free from defects.
  • Get up and running in no time with Spring Boot. Harness its autoconfiguration and start building production-ready apps with minimal fuss.
  • Spring Boot makes testing a breeze. Explore the world of testing with built-in features and supercharge your development process.
  • Dive into Spring Initializr and discover how it can save you valuable time in project setup, letting you focus on what truly matters—your application’s logic.
  • Get a tantalising glimpse into the extensive Spring ecosystem. Understand how Spring fits into the bigger picture of modern application development.

This course is tailor-made for learners who’ve already mastered Java fundamentals and have a solid grasp of Java Enterprise technologies like Maven, JDBC, JPA, and JUnit. If you’re ready to unlock the immense potential of Spring and Spring Boot, this course is your launchpad.

The digital realm is evolving fast, and mastering Spring and Spring Boot is your ticket to staying at the forefront of Java software development. Join us on this learning adventure and unleash your full potential as a Java Enterprise developer. Let’s dive in and conquer the world of Spring together!

What You Will Need

Before enrolling, it is essential that you meet the following course prerequisites:

  • JDK 17 (or higher)
    You must have Java Development Kit (JDK) 17 or a newer version installed on your machine. The JDK provides the necessary tools, libraries, and runtime environment to develop and run Java applications. It is important to have the appropriate JDK version to ensure compatibility with the course materials and exercises.
  • Java Advanced
    You should have a solid understanding of Java fundamentals. Completion of our “Java Advanced” course or its equivalent is essential.
  • Java Enterprise Skills
    Familiarity with Java Enterprise technologies, including JDBC, JPA, and JUnit, is assumed. These skills lay the foundation for your Spring and Spring Boot mastery.
  • Maven Experience:
    You should be familiar with Maven, including installation and practical experience. You’ll be working with Maven-based projects throughout this course.
  • IDE Proficiency
    You should be comfortable using a Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, or NetBeans. Familiarity with basic tasks within the IDE, such as creating projects, editing code, compiling, and running programs, will be beneficial throughout the course.
  • Git
    You should be able to perform basic Git operations such as committing changes, cloning a repository, creating branches, and pushing code to a remote repository. Additionally, having a GitHub or GitLab account will enable you to collaborate on projects and showcase your work.

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