Spring Data JPA: Easy Data Access in Your Enterprise Application

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Are you ready to take your Spring development skills to the next level? Welcome to “Spring Data JPA,” the course designed to catapult you into the world of efficient data access and management with Spring Data JPA.


  • Dive deep into the world of Spring Data and unlock its potential for simplifying data access in Java applications.
  • Learn how to quickly set up and configure Spring Data JPA for your projects, saving you valuable time.
  • Gain proficiency in creating custom query methods, automating data retrieval, and optimising your data access.

This course is designed for learners who have a solid foundation in Java and Spring and are ready to master data access with Spring Data JPA.

In today’s digital landscape, efficient data access is paramount. Spring Data JPA empowers you to navigate complex data scenarios with ease. Whether you’re building the next big application or refining your skills, this course is your gateway to becoming a Spring Data JPA pro.

What You Will Need

Before enrolling, it is essential that you meet the following course prerequisites:

  • JDK 17 (or higher)
    You must have Java Development Kit (JDK) 17 or a newer version installed on your machine. The JDK provides the necessary tools, libraries, and runtime environment to develop and run Java applications. It is important to have the appropriate JDK version to ensure compatibility with the course materials and exercises.
  • Spring & Spring Boot
    A strong foundation in Spring and Spring Boot is necessary to follow this course. Experience with Lombok is also recommended.
  • Java Advanced
    You should have a solid understanding of Java fundamentals. Completion of our “Java Advanced” course or its equivalent is essential.
  • Java Enterprise Skills
    Familiarity with Java Enterprise technologies, including JDBC, JPA, and JUnit, is assumed. These skills lay the foundation for your Spring and Spring Boot mastery.
  • Maven Experience:
    You should be familiar with Maven, including installation and practical experience. You’ll be working with Maven-based projects throughout this course.
  • IDE Proficiency
    You should be comfortable using a Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, or NetBeans. Familiarity with basic tasks within the IDE, such as creating projects, editing code, compiling, and running programs, will be beneficial throughout the course.
  • Git
    You should be able to perform basic Git operations such as committing changes, cloning a repository, creating branches, and pushing code to a remote repository. Additionally, having a GitHub or GitLab account will enable you to collaborate on projects and showcase your work.