Extra Oefening Robotsimulator

Robot Simulator

Volgende opgave komt uit Exercism.io

” Write a robot simulator.

A robot factories’ test facility needs a program to verify robot movements. The robots have three possible movements:

  • turn right
  • turn left
  • advance Robots are placed on a hypothetical infinite grid, facing a particular direction (north, east, south, or west) at a set of {x, y} coordinates, e.g., {3, 8}, with coordinates increasing to the north and east.

The robot then receives a number of instructions, at which point the testing facility verifies the robot’s new position, and in which direction it is pointing.

The letter-string “RAALAL” means:

  • Turn right
  • Advance twice
  • Turn left
  • Advance once
  • Turn left yet again

Say a robot starts at {7, 3} facing north. Then running this stream of instructions should leave it at {9, 4} facing west.”

Teken het gevolgde pad in de console (gebruik Console.SetCursorPosition()).