ASP.NET CORE Assignment -1-

Let’s develop a webshop for bikes. In the first part of the project, we make some controllers and templates. So start by making an empty ASP.NET Core Web application. Find some bike pictures on the web and create a new folder: wwwroot > images > bikesIn this assignment you don’t need a database, but some hard-coded products to demonstrate your application.

Landing page

Restyle the layout and use bootstrap or materialize, and create the landing page (Index View of the HomeController), and add a title and a hyperlink to navigate to the products controller index page. The hyperlink is a picture of a bike, and this picture will change if you refresh the page (up to 4 possible results).

Products Controller

Make a view (Index) where you show all the products. Use a appropriate styling, to show a list of products. For now, use a hardcoded list of products.

A product has : – ID- Name- Price
Every product on the list has also a “buy”-hyperlink. If you click the link you navigate to a detail page of the product. (View = detail the link does not need to work for now)In the detail view, you can decide the quantity you want to order. (submitting the detail view does not have any effect for now)
You can build something like:

You should work with GitHub for these assignments.