Building a Simple Web App with Spring MVC
Securing our Spring MVC Web App
Session Management
Finishing Up

Spring MVC Essentials: Building a Simple Web App

Mastering Web Application Development with Spring MVC

Welcome to the “Spring MVC Essentials: Building a Simple Web App” chapter, where we embark on a journey into the world of web application development with Spring MVC. In this chapter, we’ll explore the essential components of Spring MVC, understand the architecture, and build a simple web application.

Here’s an overview of the key topics covered in this chapter:


  • Controllers in Spring MVC Dive into the heart of Spring MVC as we explore controllers, which handle incoming requests and orchestrate the application’s response.
  • Views in Spring MVC Learn the art of views in Spring MVC, where we define how data is presented to users. Understand the role of templates and layouts.
  • Models in Spring MVC Discover the significance of models in Spring MVC. These components manage the application’s data and serve as the bridge between controllers and views.
  • The DispatcherServlet Uncover the DispatcherServlet, a central component in the Spring MVC framework, responsible for request handling and dispatching.
  • What is Thymeleaf? Explore Thymeleaf, a templating engine that integrates seamlessly with Spring MVC. Learn how to use Thymeleaf for dynamic web content generation.
  • Hands-on Spring MVC Demo: Spring Films App Put your knowledge into practice as we build a real-world Spring MVC web application. Follow along with a hands-on demo to create a “Spring Films” web app.

In this chapter, you’ll gain practical experience in developing web applications using Spring MVC, a versatile and powerful framework. By the end, you’ll have a strong foundation in building web applications, making you well-equipped for more complex projects and further exploration of Spring MVC. Join us as we delve into the essentials of web application development with Spring MVC.