Web Development for Beginners

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Dive into the modern world of web creation with our comprehensive “Web Development for Beginners” course. Whether you’re new to the tech scene or looking to refresh your skills, this course offers a detailed, up-to-date introduction to the essential aspects of web development.


  • Understanding Web Basics: Learn what the web is and how web communication works, including details about HTTP and Client-Server Architecture.
  • Exploring Web Technologies: Delve into the foundational technologies that power the web, such as XML, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, and understand their roles and applications. Publish your own website as part of the learning process!
  • Using Web Development Tools: Get hands-on with popular tools like Visual Studio Code, and learn how to set up a productive development environment.
  • Interactive Learning with Practical Exercises: Each section includes practical coding exercises, quizzes, and projects to reinforce your learning and apply your skills in real-world scenarios.
  • Introduction to Advanced Topics: Gain insights into JavaScript basics, SEO for web developers, and the use of content management systems like WordPress to enhance your skills further.

What You Will Need

To ensure you get the most out of this course, participants should have:

  • Git
    Basic familiarity with Git. You should understand fundamental Git operations such as committing changes and pushing to a remote repository (hosted on GitLab or GitHub). This will be crucial for version control of your projects and for collaborating with other developers in the future.
  • A Modern Computer
    Capable of running the latest browsers and text editor software like Visual Studio Code.
  • Computer Proficiency
    Comfort with operating a computer, managing files, and installing software.
  • An enthusiastic approach to learning and problem-solving will greatly benefit your educational experience.

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