Jobs related to Computer Hardware

  • Computer Hardware Engineer: As a computer hardware engineer, you may design different parts for a computer, such as circuit boards, processors, routers or mice. Other duties may include testing parts and supervising the making and installation of various components. You might also work with electrical components performing tasks comparable to the duties of electronics engineers. You may work for a computer manufacturer or telecommunications, automotive or aircraft businesses. You may work on embedded or control systems.
  • Computer Support Specialist : You may work in an educational or business environment solving problems with computer hardware and associated software. You may fix problems with computer peripherals, such as printers and external drives, as well as troubleshooting problems with workstations. Other duties may include installing upgrades and new programs, helping users and performing computer maintenance.
  • Computer Operator: The job as a computer operator involves making sure computer hardware systems operate properly and efficiently. You may find yourself overseeing a mainframe (a powerful, large computer) or many computers organized into a group. You may be responsible for routine maintenance and running jobs on the computer. You may be required to log all jobs and any problems encountered and solution(s) applied.

If you want to practice building a computer but don’t have the hardware for it here are some tools that you can use:

PC building simulator: It’s a game on steam that simulates how it feels like being a computer hardware engineer.

Alternate: Alternate is a site with a pc builder tool that you can use to choose the compatible components for building a PC. | Jouw on- en offline specialist