EF Core Assignment 2

Integrate Entity Framework Core in your webshop. Create the models below, and make a screenshot from your SQL Server tables to pass this assignment

The models 

Product : – ID- Name- Price
ShoppingItem:- Id- Quantity
ShoppingBag:- Id- Date
Customer:- Id- Name- FirstName

Create some random data in your product table (+ 50 products).At your overview page make a “paging” overview, where you show not more than 10 products (but you are able to navigate through all your products).
Make CRUD functionality available for your Product controller.
Every product on the list has also a “buy”-hyperlink. If you click the link you navigate to a detail page of the product. (View = detail). Make the navigation work. Also create a detail view, where you can decide the quantity you want to order. If you press the submit button you will add the product with the quantity to your shopping bag (you store the shopping bag in your database). You also foresee a hyperlink to check your current items in your shopping bag. Create this view. For now, it is ok, you assume there is only one user in your system!