Assignment animations

1. Make a header looking like:

The h1 tag has color code: color: # 0cb5db; The div with class “opening” has color code: background: # a9a8a8; , and a width and height of 200px with corresponding border radius. Then you write an animation so that the coffee cup scrolls infinitely through the other image (the image starts with 5s delay, and lasts 10 seconds.)

2.Create a clock in CSS:The pointers are divs that you animate: (use the position property to get the pointer in the right place) (The clock without pointer is an image that you use as a background of the div.abs)

<div class=”abs”> <div class=”seconde”></div> <div class=”minuut”></div> <div class=”uur”></div> </div>

3. The twitter “favorite” button is a heart, and when you hover over it a text balloon with like! appears.